Potato Famine
The Great Irish Famine occurred between 1845 and 1852, when thousands of potato crops were destroyed by fungi, and millions of Irish men, women, and children starved to death.

French Fries Rule
Kids prefer French fries over all other types of vegetable. In fact, fries represent about 25% of kids’ vegetable consumption. For a healthy, tasty alternative, try tempting your children with grilled baked potatoes.

Potatoes Going Bad
You shouldn’t eat potatoes if they’ve turned green or started to sprout. If you’d like to enjoy grilling baked potatoes without the risk of food poisoning, go to the store and buy a fresh sack.

Types of Potatoes
There are more than 100 edible varieties of potatoes, most of which are suitable for grilling. White, red, and Russet are the most popular choices for grilled baked potatoes.

Sweet Potato Is A Super Food
The sweet potato officially qualifies as a “Superfood,” rich in properties that help fight disease. Next time you’re firing up the barbeque, try grilling sweet potatoes.

Where To Store Potatoes
Put your potatoes in a cool, dark place (not the fridge). Keep them in a brown paper bag, not a plastic bag.

Don’t Lose The Nutrients
To hold on to the valuable nutrients that are in the skin of potatoes, boil them.

Potatoes Low In Fat
Potatoes are a low-fat food. It’s the frying and/or the toppings (sour cream, cheese, butter, bacon, chili, and the likes) that make them calorific.

Potato Content
Potatoes, when freshly harvested, contain 20% dry matter and 80% water. Of the dry matter, 60% to 80% is starch.

Out Of This World Potatoes
In 1995, potatoes were grown in space, aboard the space shuttle Columbia, a first for food production.

Eco Friendly
Because they’re cheap, nutritious, and easy to grow (without fertilizers or additives), potatoes are considered an ec0-friendly crop.

Potatoes Are An Important Crop
Potatoes are the fourth most important crop worldwide, trailing only corn, wheat, and rice.

Mature Potatoes And New Potatoes
Potatoes, which come in more than 100 varieties, fall into two categories. Those that are grown to full maturity are known as mature potatoes, while those that are harvested before they reach full growth are known as new potatoes.

Potato Chip Invented In 1853
The potato chip was invented in 1853, in Saratoga Springs, New York, by George Crum. Crum, who was a chef at an elegant restaurant, became riled when a guest sent back an order of French fries, deemed too thick. In retaliation, Crum prepared a serving of brown, paper-thin potatoes, that luckily for everyone, became a huge hit.

73 Portions Of McDonald’s Fries
The world’s largest potato, at more than 18 pounds, would have made 73 portions of McDonald’s medium fries.

Potato Blossom Crown
Marie Antoinette raised the popularity of potatoes when she wore a potato blossom crown.

The World’s Largest Potato
The Guiness Book of Records traces the world’s largest potato back to 1795, in England, when a whopper potato that weighed more than 18 pounds set the record.

Potato Crops Everywhere
Potatoes are grown in 125 countries around the world, and in all 50 American states.

The French Fry Comes To America
Thomas Jefferson is credited with bringing French fries to America when he introduced them at a White House dinner.

French Were Mistaken About Potatoes
Up until the 18th century, the French were under the mistaken impression that potatoes caused leprosy.

Popularity Of Potatoes
The potato is the second most popular food in America, outranked only by milk products.

Summertime Is Hot Dog Grilling Time!
Summertime is grilling time, not only for baked potatoes, but also for hot dogs. An estimated 7 billion hot dogs will be consumed by Americans between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Germans Love Potatoes
Germans love potatoes! They consume an average of 200 pounds per year, per person, far more than their American counterparts who only eat 140 pounds.

Potatoes – Apples Of The Ground
The French consider potatoes “apples of the ground,” which is the exact translation for “pomme de terre.”

Sweet Potatoes Considered A Superfood
Superfoods are foods that are high in nutrients and believed to have disease-fighting properties. Sweet potatoes qualify in that category, with their high vitamin content, low calorie count, and rich levels of potassium, manganese, and fiber.

The Most Famous Potato Of All…Mr. Potatohead
The iconic toy, Mr. Potatohead, holds the distinction of being the first toy to be advertised on television. He made his debut in 1952.

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